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“Los de Molotov… chinguen a su madre.”

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It’s October the 8th. Eye recons that today is the perfect day for Seminarist Spicolli to fill the board up with “8bre” in the same fashion that “El Barto” did on the back of an RATP bus. No le cambie, “aun hay más”.

But FO’ist, Mr. Schmitty just called Jeff Goldblum “the devil”, and Satan said, “youse welcome, Schmitty, you are welcome.”

For context, Ari Melver and republican hit-man Steve Schmidt (who rose to fame on an Alaskan goose ride during the 2012 General Election) were talking shop just around the midnight hour following the post-debate deconstruction at the 30 Rock avian coop in New York City. Steve Schmidt, who during the last election went ahead and made a deal with the devil by way of doing a Reverse Mortgage on his soul in exchange for the ability to command his face muscles to be able to deliver a smile (even under forced conditions) on whim, began to riff on some Jazz about how a fly resting on you means that the devil is using you as a rest stop on his way to Australia, which is where El Chamuco calls home whenever he is not riding on a tank.

Meanwhile in Monterrey…



French Bastard follows

French Bastard —le boulanger– follows 🎶 7E22BB89-EC78-4C33-BE7F-5DD9EAA2F4CB 📎

Sources at “The Horny Frog”, a popular dive with the militias in that state, relayed that “FLO”, a pet name given to the French ring leader, had been heard plotting* a scheme to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

* Told y’all yesterday that Eye does not select the plots.

Authorities in charge of the investigation released a statement, saying that “FLO” might be traveling under the hypocoristic “Lencha” in any of the 73 Mexican cities where the French Embassy at Chapultepec is currently peddling films about Serge Gainsbourg’s stupid dog, and other assorted “Churros” en la proyección 📽…

At The Concession Stand:

“Fundado por la embajada de Francia en México, además de Nueva Era Films y Cinépolis, tiene el propósito de promover la cinematografía gala.”

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