Novena anti Carismática — Coincidence?

*** Note to editors:
Je ne suis pas un astronaute.

[Science frame goes here]


COINcidence? .:. 7D9338CA-9A89-4FF4-87A5-1D08E22E8E15 .:. … [O]nly if you FACTOR IN a visit from Mexico’s non-First Lady to L’Elysée, for a cup o’té de Tila with her French non-First Lady host in France, during the first hours of Dr. Molina’s departure. BELIEVE, it! Or Knot.

Eye is telling you guys, öüï has no say-so on the plot selection, but Eye guarantees, IT!, it’s not magick, it’s just a proper knowledge of the terrain y “sus animalitos”.

RUTA México 2010

RUTA México 2010 🧩 9595DCA5-F40D-417A-BA5F-4FAB5220E84A 🔫 El retorno de Florencia la francesa, in theaters now.

En Contexto: el regreso de Camelia La Tejana… scratch D.A.T., it’s been done before, Öüï suggest to go with what you think that you might know up until NOW.

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