Novena anti Carismática — Jeff Spicolli weeps, at Seminary School

Willie Guiest leads the plegaria, and correctly notes that he and Eye were to young to have that orgasmic experience of listening to a new way to shred la Lira, but öüï, In•Deed we will always have “HOT FOR TEACHER”.

To all Van Halen VANS®️ wearers rest assured that Kasie Hunt has, IT, on good authority to relay to that po’country lawyer from The Beatles side of the fence, that Eddie used California State Highway 65 to be with his Favorite Martian at Ridgemont High, in Mars, answering the age old question, “Is There Life on MARS?”, the answer when Seminarist Spicolli gives his eulogy.

House of Pain ...... 3:18

House of Pain …… 3:18
Rest In Power
Over at a West Texas Town, dubbed “El Paso”, children needed to be taken young, how young? Asked a fifth-generation El Pasoan from Canutillo, and the Station chief at the Ruidoso checkpoint replies, “pull them little fuckers from their mommies titty if you have to.”
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For the record, the month of Octopussy… wait, what??? Scratch that SPIColli, it’s OCT•Tú•Bre Spicolli!!! You’re not at Ridgemont High in Pasadena anymore, young man! This here is Seminary School, said Father Monseigneur Morrison, suggesting to the absent-minded Jeff, to use a mnemonic, like French hippies do, to stay focused on the theme. And so Father Monseigneur Morrison put forth the proposition to instead go with « 8bre », which of course would then adapt to:

For the record, the month of 8bre is also Rosary month, así que un saludo, beso y si nos dejan, pues hasta un afectuoso abrazo a todas Las y los CHAYOS!!!

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