Hoy no hubo Jazz

Ladies in Gemini, The Father Monseigneur Morrison:

Anti Carismático

Anti Carismático

… any how, Siren, let Mí give this Lemoine (WHO by the way) bought lunch… scratch D.A.T.,  let u.s. give 7 o’Clock from this dive, signification, check IT, out.

Yada Yada Yada, no commas. If you walk 32 or 33 paces  (give or take) from THE CALENDULA (October’s margarita) towards 7 o’Clock you are going to arrive to this most angelical ground… with all due respect, we don’t chose the plot, the Sun is the one that points it to STAFF.

Deer, piano player at fip

Deer, piano player at fip, The MOON’s beat was last week, Right now, —motherfucker— it is Mars SHOW… or did you think that the Spartan behind the Father Monseigneur Morrison chapel’s is D.A.R.E. just to “accessorize” Le 20éme?… sorry about D.A.T. Selene “la Boheme”… consider, IT, “friendly FIRE”, pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.

… Over in Washington, EVRYbody on the Kayleigh McEnany’s Carnival Roadside Show got the COVID, and Mike Pence is about to explain what would be the first thing that he, as the 46th President of the United States of America do, upon being sworn in, should the make from the current president should fall off of his face, like in that movie “Death Become U.S.”.

Still to come from the list of Rock and Roll Circus gods is Old Flat Top, who is fresh-out of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania were Believe It, Or Knot, Old Flat Top tied his own fucken TIE DIE t-shirt. Right now, however, is time for Ray Davis to get his Kinks out.

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