Tres de octubre : the power of Three en el 10

Over at the Brexit fissure is High Noon in G.M.T., and in Paris the little hand of Time is on the One.

In Washington, as the so-called “Land of the brave” is glued to la telenovela de Donald Trump, people forget That the Secretary of State is the 4th on cue to take over the u.s. of América, people in the “home of the Free” forget that while the World looks at the American Experiment crack, our favorite FOWL, Turkey (🇹🇳) —yeah, Buddy!— is going around waving his dick around the block (🇪🇺🇫🇷) and CLAIMING that Jerusalem (🇮🇱🇹🇳) belongs to the Ottoman Clan.

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20201002

In Other Words, Frankie Boy, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is pulling a Donald Trump on THE VEREDICT of World War ONE, by this logic the Ottomans did not disappear after the Great War, they were just lounging around… in their “overstuffed” sillones.

In Paris, France, MSNBC’s Bradley Cooper finally left the Saint Germain-des-Prés quartier and scooted his camera monkees to the Arc de Triumph where mr. Cooper is taking on the role of “Our Gang” character of ALFALFA.


Vía Reddit:

La semana que Philippe Separó

La semana que Philippe Separó .:. 2BBFC825-7977-4473-B57F-95BBF5461395 📰 « Crise du COVID-19 Quel Bordel », Aussi, at exactly 1187 in C.E. Time, Saladin se acopla en Jerusalem… just the facts, Ma’am.

🇫🇷 https ://www .france24 .com /en /20201002 –macron-reprimands-turkey-accusing-erdogan-of-sending-jihadists-to-azerbaijan

🇹🇳 https ://worldisraelnews .com /turkeys-erdogan-says-jerusalem-is-our-city/

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Ottoman_(furniture)

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