15 de Septiembre, 2020 — Happy Birthday don Porfirio

… y que viva México, también.

* Like a ghost .:. E95783ED-AE77-4DD1-A129-D14BFCB49DB4 📰 Meanwhile near Tombstone, Arizona… in Tombstone, Arizona no pasa nada. 🦠 IN•DEED, As The World Turns, it became clear that NATURE wanted to get D.A.T. “OlHickory Smoked” flavor on the U.S. of A. from See to shining Ear. 🌬🔥 Hello, I’m JOHNNY CASH, … [A]nd, Willie Geist, the slow water influx on the terrain of the GuAZTeKa del Mississippi  (in Louisiana) where the River is supposed to meet the Gulf can only mean one thing, that D.A.R.E.  brisket is going to be kept warm on a very Big Ol’ “Baño María”.

But FO’ist, the staff of this most non-consequential blog would like to remind our non-readers that because we’ve seen this movie, aussi, öüï covered it. — MAKE TURKEY TASTE GREAT AGAIN!

Musical Guest:


Cinema d’évasion and The Politics of Fake News at the LBJ School of “política ficción”

Carpe Diem _ 75001. Police in Paris got a lead on the “equine serial killer cult,” from France, in the vicinity of la rue des Bourdonnais. Witnesses close to a bum, a clochard and, a “so called” SDF, spotted a pair of sketchy animals prancing along one of the most benevolent arteries in the city of Paname.

Igor, a Lithuanian refugee, claims that the visions were way creepier than any “long shadow” on top of any given Trump official apartment ceiling in Washington.

“I mean, the White Wabbit looked pretty hot, sure, them little creatures are made for fucking, but she did, the wabbit looked pretty hot, but the Zebra, oh-la-la…”, said the drunk Lithuanian basterd before passing out.

It’s been 3 weeks since the FO’ist mutilated carcasses began to appear in different picturesque regions within the ‘hexagone’, and ponies are not exempt from what has been filed under the “it’s just kid being kids” to “this is some bat-shit crazy Ancient Aliens shit, ” cabinet.

Scenty Le Rom, for his part, was not impressed, “in Romania, the horses hunt you!”.

Let them eat Apples

Let them eat Fiona’s Apple! —_•!•_— Concerned for the well–being of his own kind, el hijo del llamado “Blackhorse” del cuarteto de Liverpool (name withheld to protect the stables) hired a washed-up FBI Agent to team up with Semolina Pilchard and Luc Fregón to see about about the mutilated zainos.

Among the initial suspects, the Prefecture de Police —as usual— rounded up all of the gnomes, because truth bee told, gnomes are despicable little fuckers and surely, Brian Williams, those fracking gnomes have a hand on the mutilations in France.


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 15/09/2020 in CET]:

Del Fernan .:.

And now, “Page 2” … the rest of Del Fernan story… sponsored by genealogy point gov .:. 1968CC1F-C1D9-4E5F-B14F-18BAF509B4D1 🐴 And starring as “MoStang”: Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, Jr… un guión basado en Las Aventuras de “Neto El Rebelde”.

Eagle-eyed non-readers will recognize among MoStang’s gang, Michael Richards and Carlitos Estevez-es-es abuelitos, it turns out that grampa Figliuzzi was a career criminal that ran the Spaghetti Couscous Paella syndicate until Mussolini forced Fernand Contandin into the Edgar J. Hoover novel new program called “The Witness Protection Program”, so to make a long-fictional story short:

The Contandin’s became the Figliuzzi’s, the Estevez-es-esos, naturally became the Sheen’s*, and Michael Richards became Cosmo Kramer.

* With the exception of EMILIO, that motherfucker became a “McCarty,” but Everyone in Orange County, California, knew him as BONNEY.


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