12 de septiembre, 2020 — Operation Mohyeldin

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Periodismo etílico, etiquetado con ética. En un principio, Jean Christophe Berjon requested Avi Velshi for the fill-in anchor role, pero luego… el cuñado de la nuera… de la tia de mi ai’jada, me recordó (pausa existencial) … que los mexicanos son bien albureros.

As the world turned outside del mundo de Le Monde, the makers of this most non consequential blog reminds our non-readers that Catalonio Barcelonnetto is playing the Oldies But Goodies and, that Wolfman Jack called from MODEST@, California…  Mr. Jack wants his Hawaiian shirts back, that’s right motherfuckers, “the Wolfman is everywhere,” except with the ones wearing the « maga » hat while wearing the guayaberas that belong to  OP’s* cousin…

Fracking Fracking Fracking

08:21: El Presidente reminds former vice-president Joe Biden, D.A.T. the use of fracking is prohibited. Furthermore, Napoleón has not informed, El Presidente, of any fucking fracking concessions awarded to mining operations (yet!). —_!_— La Mananera.

* Ocean Pacific
“Hey, have a popsicle. The ice box just broke down, and they’re melting all over the place. You want one?”

XERB Disc Jockey : Get your bugaloos out baby! The Wolfman is everywhere.

Seriously, get them racist son’s of bitches out of everywhere.

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/12/2020 in CET]:


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