D-Day: September 11; H-Hour: 07h Valparaíso, 08h30 Santiago de Chile 1973

Happy Birthday, Dr. Henry Kissinger (47th), and Good evening Chicago*. Happy Twin Towers Day (19th).

I am not a Marxist!
Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet
and General History notes:
No, Sir, you are not,
you sir are a genocidal assassin.

* School of business…

Birds of a feather

They call’em para-generational doppelgängers… Ask me why… ISSY, Mr. Préfet de Police, no es lo mismo, pero por ay’va la cosa.
“México es más fácil que Brasil”, o algo así.
Florence Pinot.

cualquier parecido con el ESCP es mera chiripada.


Ladies in Gemini, my name is Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo and the staff [of this most non-consequential blog] remain at-large and this, Ladies in Gemini, is today’s TV Dinner®️ selection:

With all due respect to The Pentagon… In memory of the Original Lone Star flag 🇨🇱 Inspired  by a painting produced by Henry Lane Wilson.

— In Washington: Pussy Soufflé with Atún au Gratin… Yeah Buddy, thanks to Mika Brzezinski’s command authority on a popular cable talk show, the word pussy (in all of its glory) has lost all of the “icky” associations derived from the Deadline “bleeps” and “P” associations. The event reverberated across a Long and Winding Road that leads to the United Arab Emirates where a British ex-patriate and recovering Stand-up philosopher* got a warm fuzzy upon hearing the news. Donnie Deutsch (of course) was the first to get a piece of that action, an ad campaign on the promotion of a liberated “P” word that is now on the level with all kinds of Dicks.

https ://www .economiahoy .mx /nacional-eAm-mx /noticias /10756560 /09/20/ Feministas-que-mantienen-toma-en-CNDH-son-porfiristas-por-rayar-cuadro-de-Madero-AMLO– .html


Oh-oh Yoko

Oh-oh Yoko 🧶DF12A3E0-35C9-4F38-AAD9-C58A69F7CACF 🥩 In CONTEXTO, for all the gabachos on Deadline, Eye bets you think this frame is about Henry lane Wilson, —it’s Knot— it’s about the Artist who produced this work of Political narrative in just a few strokes, —motherfuckers. JUMP TO PAGE 13 for details, in the mean while here’s what YOKO ONO had to say when a bunch of angry Mexicans, called “El Viento”, rearranged her vision of Las Tres Culturas: está es la realidad que sucede en México. Es malo, pero sucede en todo el mundo… 🌬🔥

https ://heraldodemexico .com .mx /pais /cuadro-francisco-i-madero-fotos-vandalismo-pintas-feministas-iconoclasia-videos-feminicidios-violaciones-violencia-contra-mujer/

— En México: “No le cambies”… puro huevo con chorizo en la mañanera del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador… por aquellos sitios… el presidente incluyó un regaño para Bob Woodruff… e instó…. – …. el presidente de México pues… que ya vieron lo que pasó con Ázcarraga;… y luego con aquello lo del_Reforma… y por eso… ya le dije a mi muchacha que… (pausa sostenida) ya le dije que le anote en el Diario de La Federación que a partir de Hoy el único periodismo que va A Sobrevivir va a ser el periodismo etílico… perdón —ético.

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 11/09/2020 in CET]:

Operation Mohyeldin

Operation Mohyeldin .:. 55FF4B2E-7C18-4DF2-B993-224B2E8D8D5B 🎞📽 Directed by Jean Christoph Berjon and starring John Mill Ackerman as Pussy-Láni-meh…

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