Oh, hey Hallie Jackson! — The distribution will not be televised

Hoy no hubo Jazz, but on Saturday, September 12, the world is going to see if Steve Bannon‘s Italian escapade is going to be returning dividends in Paname because there can only be one brand, unless Quanonino wears a yellow vest¹.

This machine kills...

This machine kills 🎩 C6395CCC-F5C2-4D0D-9A47-0B9D298C5E9B .:. This machine kills predatory presidents and other assorted fascists.  

And in Washington, The Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia was cleared on all counts against his Name for the murder of a Washington Post reporter.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /sep /07 /jamal-khashoggi-saudi-court-overturns-five-death-sentences

But FO’ist… let’s check the time with the Bradley’s in CET, and öüï have it on good Authority that in Paris, Mr. Bradley, it is not 6 o’clock (anymore):

That's Bullshit, Bradley!

That’s Bullshit, Bradley! .:. ADF99C1C-E125-40D2-B5FA-6C6D0D131E38 {therefore}


1. The Don’t Shoot The Messenger Post:
https ://paris-luttes .info /12-septembre-dans-la-rue-a-paname- 14259?lang=fr

For the record: Bradley Cooper…
Guess what time it is in London right now?

That's right, Bradley

That’s right, Bradley .:. It’s Mingus Time…

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