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You’d be forgiven if you think that in this, and every moment in time you would have to be in them United States to feel American, truth be told, the first time i was told,“America, love it or leave it!”, Eye jumped at the opportunity.

Benjamin Franklin.


https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /marseille-festival-de-jazz-des-5-continents-2020-avec-hailey-tuck

In Local Motion News

Paris, un Été particullier, Paris Plages are in full effect, and Madame Hidalgo had her first day at work, promises made to her constituents during the campaign began to be discussed, no doubt they will begin to materialize in no time, sadly the socialista reveals that she is not contemplating running for President in the upcoming 2022 election, frogs in green spaces here, there, and everywhere croak in disappointment.

https ://www .theatlantic .com /international /archive /2020/07 /us-black-diplomats-america /614452/

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, there is a new sheriff in Towns, particularly the ones that want to leave the Old West behind.

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