Sun bothering you? Use your finger to make it go away, here’s how:

Indeeerd, fuck sunscreen, or WOist! seek seek some shade! WHO wants D.A.T.!

Here’s what you do:

Numero Uno, you stare that fucker (the Sun) straight to its yellow round face, and then you extend your arm towards “The Astro” and point your God-given trigger-pulling finger to, IT!

Once you seize the Sun’s undivided attention, keep that tip of your index finger pointing at, IT!, and continue to stare at, IT!, now with your clenched middle, ring, and pinky knuckles forward push that LOSER fat fucking thumb out in a  perpendicular fashion to your beautiful Index bullet–firing precious Dedo (that’s finger in Spick talk). Now if you don’t know what perpendicular means, worry not Pilgrim because when you retract your wrist towards that Beautiful face of yours you should be able to see the letter “L” formed by your knock-out fist.

And there you have, IT!, the only thing that you should see is the nail of that Beautiful Index finger, now to test if you are doing, IT!, right, your eye should feel a little warm. That’s normal, and Eye promises that the Sun will be gone from your sight.

Now switch hands and do the other eyeball.

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