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Fuck you Donnie Deutsch!

Context follows — send a bit Coins

Context follows — send a bit Coin, nigga! —_•!•_—

… [M]oving on, Elise Jordan, here’s the link, laugh if you want or raise your EyeBrows and make your funny face, either güey remember what George Carlin said about “offensive” words.

Ironically, Eddie Gloude Jr., people on punitive lock-up resemble more the conditions and policies that spawned the Six-Letter word that deflects from issues that go against Humanity in Real Time, which is why i, Armando Segovia, can’t get why Tony Schwartz (The Art of The Deal, ghost writter) could not answer Congressman O’Donnell’s question last night on The Last Word regarding the crossed-out asterisk on the reddit screen grab. Which is it, nigga, did you ever hear Donald John Trump say the word “nigger”, or not?

Deerest, Professor Glaude

Deerest, Professor Glaude, öüï apologize once again for not being able to fit Jimmy on today’s Morning Mika Show, but Donnie Deutsch showed up on the set, in Chavo-Ruco attire.



Still to come:

PIVOT, another layer of The CAKE on the French SIRET files.

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