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If you are going to Beguine

If you are going to Begin the Beguine, begin by wearing a mask .:. 176303AD-1CEF-49E5-9FF2-719B87C624A7 🦠🏝🥬🍉🌽🍍🥥🥝🥔🌶🌬💨 Sunday June 21, 2020.

7 Theys across the 7 Sees, today

France won’t ‘erase’ history by removing colonial-era statues, president Macron says

—. From France24 and Aguascalientes TV (Canal26). Unusual for a French leader, Mr. Macron reckoned that someone’s “address, name, color of skin” can reduce their chances at succeeding in French society, and called for a fight to ensure that everyone can “find their place” regardless of ethnic origin or religion. He promised to be “uncompromising in the face of racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination”

so long as pinches “Chicanos*” don’t fuck with the Year(s)of Mexico (2011/15) in France.

* … for the record, Mr. Castaner, in 2012-14, your counterpart at The Ministry of The Interior got it all wrong, for starters, yo, Armando Segovia no soy “chicano”, i am a POCHO, not a gringo, a pocho. Please stop asking RICH Mexicans at La Sorbonne and at the OCDE to define for the French what the Mexican Transnational experience is all about.

Just sayn'

Just say’n .:. 44221E13-7A72-45DA-A8FC-DD582AC3E9D8 🌬💨 Following the Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth’s facelift, Columbia Records issued out a statement to Uncle Ben stating that as of last week tonight, all of the logos are free to listen to “Satchmo” at will. —_•!•_— Now if you are wondering what this logo at Saint–Germaine des Près has to do with México, you just wait a few while we turn the page back to Feb. 17 of 2011 when Mexico’s ambassador to France stormed out of a French Senate ceremony, on account that a French representative from the district where Florence Cassez parents cast their votes dedicated the Year of Mexico in France, during the installation of a month on the official French calendar, —mind you—  to celebrate Latin American cultures in France, to Florence Marie Cassez, at the time serving a sentence inside of a Mexican prison for kidnapping rich Mexican children. 

https ://www .univision .com /noticias /noticias-de-mexico /embajador-mexicano-se-retiro-de-senado-frances-durante-discurso

To put it in anthropological and gastronomical pages, YOU PEOPLEthe very French—, have been learning to cook Mexican cuisine from CIA spies from the Cold War Era, monsieurISSY, señor, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. includes doña Salma y su bendita Cannes Connection.

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