The Best People — Madame figaro

… and in the role of Mme. Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, Padmi Lakshmi.

Live from Paname

Live from Paname

Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of French Magazines in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

But FOist! W.H.O. chomped the Rose best, Stephanie “La Pundita” Ruhle, or the acting floosy below ⬇️ putting on the role of a bad behavioral therapist. Chris Isaak has the Tale of The Tape.

For the record

For the record, Mme. Figaro, our capture was in Real Time, and not, definitely not, —en Relevos Australianos.  CATCH a new season of the Day of Music edición XXXX.


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