Weekend Update… or something like D.A.T.

Dear, Rachel Maddow… Eye did not expect for you to hold any political taboos; Sin Embargo, Steve Schmitt’s awkward silence at sign–off last night on your show precipitates our long held theory that you suffer from Kent Clarkson* disease…

Did you know

Check the date —_•¡•_— In an unprecedented move, The United States of America went ahead, —y con lujo de violencia— snatched from the very French, the invention of chauvinismOh, the humanity .:. 355DAE20-6740-4DEF-9BB3-C43C68867C2E 🤸🏻‍♀️ … and it is ALL, Senator Susan Collins (R-MAINE) fault.

Musical Guest:
Hit Song promo:
Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive


Anyhow, Rachel Maddow, Chet Baker is playing at The Priviledge Café, or something like that and he ain’t about to go back Home just yet… de cualquier manera, Rachel Maddow, Eye does not know if your producers have brought it up on them hi–speed low–drag Zoom©️ meetings before TRMS, but Sweetheart, MSNBC has a reddit account!

https:// old .reddit .com /r /msnbc /comments /gx70ly /schmidt_trump_barr_building_thugocracy_with/

ISSY, Rachel Maddow, that D.A.R.E cold platter of fished–for–sport truchas sounds funnier if your Producers use a Lee Treviño voice, you know, Grizzly Adams, like in the Happy Gilmore Movie… and for the record, so do you. Así que no te me vayas a morder tu lengua the next time you box an “armed to the motherfucking teeth” make america great again psychopath like the specimen in the screen-grab below ⬇️ with the other part of the Melting Pot that is: the Front Page of The Internet.

 Where the Buffalo r.o.a.m.
Storm Troopers in BLUE
will stomp and spin after the f.A.C.T.

Grandpa got ran over by a p.i.g. squad

Grandpa got ran over by a p.i.g. squad .::. CE9B656C-2DD1-4CA6-A33B-12DB3A23084D 🌬💨 So, Raquelito, please make a mental note that the 15th letter or 4th vowel of the regular LATIN alphabet (that is you know, not Pig Latin or that other fickle fad called “latin-ex” that pandering politicians are using now–a–days), added after the IT part which makes up the suffix to your beautiful Castilian (or Spanish if you’ve never been) name is being used in the traditional form of endearment used by THE PEOPLE THAT CRISTOBAL brought to a place that he thought were “the” Indias. 🌪 So, Ms. Maddow, please don’t go getting your boxers all in a bunch (somehow öüï cannot arrive at picturing you in one of them La Perla’s lingerie that our better devils once sent as a visual gift to Heidi Pryzbyla; look IT up) “equating” the letter « O » with that progressive gender-sensitive awareness for the cervantino language is fine for Shakespeare on The Rocks crowd, heck, not even the Krauts go for that there GENDERfication of names… Gknow Güat Eye Means, Rachel?Anyhow, DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER HEIDI?

_.ζ+~~~~~~~~~~ξ… this is not a sewn snake puppet from an already established universe, Mr. Meyers. And, please get ready to play:


But first, it’s time to check what Time it is on the U.S. Military Clock, and according to el mundo de Le Monde, the clock is taking a licking but for the moment it appears that it keeps on ticking.

… in any case scenario, Rachel Maddow, and there are many, many, many scenarios, the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that as the snapshot below ⬇️ will show, is that öüï are all in the same boat and, mi querida primetime pundit, and we did not chose the Tiananmen Square efeméride, if Eye told you that the efeméride chose the occasion that the Reverend Al Sharpton led yesterday. So Eye will leave IT!, at D.A.T., period

Say it loud!

Say it loud! .:. EDC47C51-CEE5-4873-AC36-5BA6BCBF1806 🦠 “¡Arriba los Tiburones!”

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