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Dear, Eddie Gloude Jr., professor… Eye am speaking to that S.O.B. part of you, —on Deadline… do you copy, Sir?

From the guy who brought you Amnesia in HIStory

From the guy who brought you Amnesia in HIStory .::. 4D45BDEC-BA55-4682-91FD-F1206139A6BF 🚷 “History is nothing but assisted and recorded memory”, GEORGE Santayana wrote D.A.T., and Reverend Al, if Donald John Trump gets his way, in 30 years time, the grandchildren and children of those who are protesting today will have SELECTIVE AMNESIA like the people in China today.

Let’s pretend that you do, D.A.T. you, Sir, most certainly don’t read this most non–consequential blog, now then, the reason that we are signaling you specifically is because the good Reverend Al is engaged on a more pressing matter, so, without pussyfooting around the issue, if Jesus was killed by a government, as it was stated at the end of today’s ceremony in Minneapolis, and oneas you saidmust earn his or her deathThen it stands as testament to future generations on a day like today, that IF MSNBC does not mention Tiananmen Square [by the end of the THEY] then we [the staff] will get a hint that Mr. PHIL GRIFFITH is being politically correct, y así, mi negro, —pues nomas no se pinches puededo you, Sir, need context on D.A.T.?

Anyhoot, Chris Hayes… keep on moving, driving, or something like that, and “I’m–a–bring it to you like this”, following the funkiness called out by Biz Markie in the Track below ⬇️ the next thing out of the cut is a Rest In Peace shoutout… and he didn’t forget Bruce Lee, just sayin’, Chris Hayes, just–say’n. Now, Rachel Maddow, the following segment is–a–gonna have some strong Language, but that’s because Kasie Hunt went back in TIME, öüï ain’t making it up we [the staff] warned you ’bout D.A.T.:

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The Polish call, IT!: SOLIDARITY… and please don’t break the Mirror, —Rachel Maddow! You sure you want to bundle the Tiananmen Square PARALLEL on the Republicans —no answer— to General Mattis rebuke of OUR dear leader? In any case, say hello to Mr. Schmitty.

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