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It's Weekend Edition

Previously on, PANAVISION®️ ON A TEE–shirt for Ice-Cube on the Seth Meyers Show: It’s Weekend Edition… —_•!•_— What he said, but in Plural.

Today I Learned, that the cement traffic dividers are called “Jersey barriers”, and according to John Heilemann, the barriers get their name after former governor of the Great State of Frank Sinatra (New Jersey) blocked a BRIDGE to strong-arm a mayor that would not eat doughnuts with (then) Gov. Chrispy.

It’s Round One, and Nicolle Wallace is away from her desk on Deadline because the Purple Pundit is circling El Pancracio in the Title Fight between:




Wraslin’ with WaPos follows after Communicating  a Breakdown of a Third Degree murder charge in The Purplest of all the states in The Union: Minnesota.

https ://www .masslive .com /news /2020/05 /minnesota-gov-tim-walz-issues-very-public-apology-for-cnn-crews-arrest-i-failed-you .html

— The bell rings and former Senator Claire McCass and former Republican wrangler Michael Steele narrate the action

—. Sen. McCass:
Russell Moore still has Stephen King’s “The Stand” fresh on his Southern Baptist bookcase and summons the force of “the gentle giant” in that horror story to grab The Information Wars editor in Time after the initial handshake and cinches Rick Stengel by the waist.

—. Michael Steele:
Indeed, Claire. That’s a classic move on the RUDOS playbook. Russell Moore, of course hails from a previous career as stunt double for Frenchspangle actor José García.

Digressión for Chuck Todd:

Word Eye coined today

Word Eye Coined ToThey: FrenchSpangle

Deer, Chuck Todd, Hans Nichols is gone to fight with the Australian Axis, now mo[o]re than Ever YOU NEED MÍ, ON THAT WALL! … call my Agent. But anyhow, Creig Melvin has a towel next to him… don’t throw in the towel Craig! Don’t throw in the Towel, uncle Joe has to take this bout even with all of the WWF tricks.

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