The dictator’s playbook … when History rhymes

If Donald John Trump could burn certain sites, he’d  be a Klu Klux Klansman burning “Love Me Do” after a “Hard’s Day Night” of making Jack Dorsey even richer with every Tweet.

The Only Ones who benefited from all of the Fab Four records thrown into the bonfire — were — the French Wine industry after NIXing the Current U.S. Secretary of Education (Betsy DeVos) brother, from committing lots, and lots, and lots of CASUALTIES of War in the Third (U.S.) Installment of the Wars in Irak.

And as the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis burns tonight, in California it’s the last ticks of the Eleventh Hour… go to sleep Avi Velshi, go to sleep, and Marq Claxton of The Black Police Allegiance, please don’t mix anarchists and ‘provocateurs’ in the same batch, technically, sir, that’s like bundling REPUBLICANS and totalitarians in the same F.B.I. Press Conference.

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