… “People who know,” know BDU’s

So how’bout it? Mister Jack Dorsey, CEO [One–each] will you buy a Section “A” of the National Newspaper of your CHOICE?

Sur tout circonstances

Sur tout circonstancesfip RadiU.S. .::. 0243CD87-7136-4C57-A2DA-DD084B2B793F ⚰️ Dear, fip freaq’s, this one is dedicated to all WHO cannot wear a black “hoodie” with the Freedom that the Twiiter CEO , Jack Dorsey, does.

32.62 USD +0.28 Closed: May 22, 19:59 EDT • After hours 32.65 +0.030 (0.092%) ⬆️

Just for SHO

Just fo’SHO

Musical Guest: BOSTON

The Brown Album

The Brown Album

The Brown Album — Let U.S. Play

Hey, Katy Kur, what a Day!

Before we get into it, i, armando segovia, leave you with “the” Unknown Soldier… in French, of course. The Site was closed, but for contrast, be advised that Eye has friends in Low Places, check it out:

Context for my nigga Tha God, follows… Eye, know that it is a different context, but the concept is the same, and if you where alive in 1998, then you know what a hell I am talking about, because donald john Trump (with every swing of his golf club) just pissed on the Tomb of our  Unknown Soldier… just like the the SONS of the Mexican politicians that i, armando segovia, originally came [here] to FRANCE to interview, and if given the opportunity, Eye will show you fuckers how it all went down… but FOist, Eye must get drunk, so with your permission: ¡SALUD! We’ll see tomorrow.

El Bote

“El Bote”… jump to page 3, for the rest of the Story. This is a Time–Delayed snapshot from Yesterday; today is Tuesday, May 26th 2020.

Dedicated to the 45th Regiment (or squadron) 7th Platoon of the French Gendarmerie tasked with guarding Donald Trump’s front garden (punto y coma) right next to the Big ol’French Automobile Club.

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  1. Art Pepper… meet the SAIP SIRENE – Armando Segovia

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