Johnny Depp: hágale como “la hiena”

Hágale del verbo transitivo faire

Feel the Joy of Movement

Feel the Joy of Movement… have some prunes on the House .:. 02F0DEE3-8E35-4B7F-AB8D-DF754570339E 📯

Anyhow, Mrs. Robinson you might recall the mentioning of our inability to control the inherent inertia of a news cycle, sin embargo, the one thing that öüï do have a systematic control of —motherfucker— is of how the  elements of the story will bee plotted on the quilt or tapestry, depending on your frontier or latitude, so with that in mind Col. Joll, let’s ask the musical score department to dig up La Tequendama de Oro because Johnny Depp is preparing for the role of a lifetime* in Colombia… via Marruecos and Italy; in PanameVision, in•deed.

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2020-08-14 /el-vicepresidente-de-ee-uu-mike-pence-pide-el-fin-del-arresto-domiciliario-de-alvaro-uribe .html

Hi-Yo Silver?

Per your request… una de vaqueros .:. 27ED603B-DA04-4B86-ACD9-891748CC7A43 —_•!•_— Hi-Yo Silver? Asked the Lone Ranger… y ya todo Telemundo sabe cómo se las gasta el pinche Tonto, el indio responde:
Negativo, Cara Pálida, puro puto petróleo y oro.

But FOist… let’s play Catch-up with Baby Blue Cross and Mª Teresa Kumar… Baby Blue Cross, for those not under the red and white capsule, is the patron saint of Mexican soccer league team, “El Cruz Azul”, and for those not into sports, 2020 is the year of los cementerios… wait D.A.T.s knot write! Erase (con acento en la letra ‘eh’) que se borra and adjust for “cementero” in every ‘cementerio’… fire for effect!


TimeCheck: 23h in HST plus 12 to make it an even 11h in CET.

Absolutely, Avi

Absolutely, Avi .:. 7BF07BE7-4B20-4247-8A8E-4808957C2E10 🗺 Ask any Pole, Avi, Saint-Georges (French Guyana) is the VIStuLA Lagoon of Kaliningrad (Russian Federation between Lithuania and Poland) on CLEVELÂNDIA do Norte (Brasil), and as a result Avi Velshi, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is moved into a “jump to conclussions” situation in Bucaramanga.  Belligerent militias south of the Panama Canal, Avi Velshi,  don’t just write themselves into 1554 pages of a Colombian Supreme Court’s investigation of prisoner n° 1,087,985^.

* Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”

El Acusado

“¡Un momento, más respeto porque yo no soy cualquier persona, — yo soy el acusado! ». 

^ Álvaro Uribe

National Awareness Frida Theys — High Noon in Paris, Midnight in Hilo

It’s not enough to be a wise guy, eh… now youse got to be a NeoWise guy, oh, —The Humanity! Franck, the humanity.

A Mí no lo engañan

¡A Mí no lo engañan! .:. DF8769C5-BCF1-4AC5-A984-8406DE44E0AC 💫 Aquí huele a cuna de lobos y hasta hay Cordero disfrazado.

Previously on “Corre y se va”:

¡El Cometa!
7000 mil años van a pasar para que ocurra otra vez esta coincidencia.

Publicidad: Lotería Nacional para la asistencia pública. “¿Qué es un reintegro?”

La Máquina Celeste

Si Deus ex Machina, entonces Chato los cementeros tienen que ser Celeste; and for the record, “Amarillo no me pongo, Amarillo es mi color”, Cachun-cachun—RA, RA .:. C0D2183A-39FB-4F80-9D19-792A53A5D695 ⚽️ ISSY, Goooo_Yahhhh (gweh): Universidad.

La respuesta, “depende, Chata”, dice don Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” en el rol de Johnny Depp, y él explica:

“Además, en el Sorteo Zodíaco, a los billetes cuyo Signo Zodiacal sea igual al del Premio [en TELEVISA] Mayor. La decisión de cobrar un reintegro o seguir participando es personal, pero puedes elegir cambiar tu reintegro por otro(s) billete(s) del mismo valor para continuar apostando a la SUERTE”.


Over at the Comcast Rockefeller building blocks, öüï the staff wonder what bases Alicia Menendez will cover tonight since there is nothing really relevant or unexpected going on in the United States, that is you know, Joshua Johnson, unless you (Sir) tune in to keep up with the emperor’s new trips, por ejemplo:

ISSY, Mª Tere Kumar,
ISSY, you’ve heard about
Mel Brooks, Nazis on Ice…
it is ExacTly Like That.

In the meanwhile, Eye bets you (non-readers) Nicolle Wallace’s last dollar (Australian of course) that you can’t re-construct the real reason why the Mexican president did not touch the immigration dilemma with John Donald The First.

It goes a little something like this, fast–rewind to the old testament days of mid—May 2020.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/22 /maquillando-cifras/

El muro no fue tema con Trump porque no hay acuerdo: AMLO 🇺🇸.:. F4925B50-2BA8-47A5-BD17-EFD8E6D7F503 .:. 🇲🇽 “… [Y] en México no ha aumentado la violencia de género, porque tenemos familias como en ninguna parte del mundo.

What’s Love Have to Do with it

… and starring as Tina Turner, Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador, featuring Donald John Trump as IKE.

En Hilo, Hawaii, faltan Veinte para la media noche y en La CDMX ya hay nueva versión re masterizada de LOS DE ABAJO (porno para la aristocracia mexicana). ¡Viva Mexico!

Murieron cumpliendo

Murieron cumpliendo para SALVAR a México de su pinche PEMEX… ISSY, don Léo Orellana, y sí: los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que le lamen a usted y a don Alain Rouquie sus huevos en La MAL de Saint Germain–des–Prés. Neta que no.

… “People who know,” know BDU’s

So how’bout it? Mister Jack Dorsey, CEO [One–each] will you buy a Section “A” of the National Newspaper of your CHOICE?

Sur tout circonstances

Sur tout circonstancesfip RadiU.S. .::. 0243CD87-7136-4C57-A2DA-DD084B2B793F ⚰️ Dear, fip freaq’s, this one is dedicated to all WHO cannot wear a black “hoodie” with the Freedom that the Twiiter CEO , Jack Dorsey, does.

32.62 USD +0.28 Closed: May 22, 19:59 EDT • After hours 32.65 +0.030 (0.092%) ⬆️

Just for SHO

Just fo’SHO

Musical Guest: BOSTON

The Brown Album

The Brown Album

The Brown Album — Let U.S. Play

Hey, Katy Kur, what a Day!

Before we get into it, i, armando segovia, leave you with “the” Unknown Soldier… in French, of course. The Site was closed, but for contrast, be advised that Eye has friends in Low Places, check it out:

Context for my nigga Tha God, follows… Eye, know that it is a different context, but the concept is the same, and if you where alive in 1998, then you know what a hell I am talking about, because donald john Trump (with every swing of his golf club) just pissed on the Tomb of our  Unknown Soldier… just like the the SONS of the Mexican politicians that i, armando segovia, originally came [here] to FRANCE to interview, and if given the opportunity, Eye will show you fuckers how it all went down… but FOist, Eye must get drunk, so with your permission: ¡SALUD! We’ll see tomorrow.

El Bote

“El Bote”… jump to page 3, for the rest of the Story. This is a Time–Delayed snapshot from Yesterday; today is Tuesday, May 26th 2020.

Dedicated to the 45th Regiment (or squadron) 7th Platoon of the French Gendarmerie tasked with guarding Donald Trump’s front garden (punto y coma) right next to the Big ol’French Automobile Club.