Mr. President… it’s Two O’clock in VET (Los Amigos Invisibles)

Arepa 2000

Radar love meets I wanna Fuck you like an animal

Radar love meets I wanna Fuck you like an animal —_•!•_— Eye could not say the same for the Hucka’sand spinster, so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., ‘Kay—waddaya say, eh? .::. 7366087F-299F-4F42-95C5-80C63160C1E0 ⌛️⚒🛠⚒🛠⚒🔩⏳ Öüï could, if you want, watch Family Guy porn with Seth Meyers, or Michael Moore on the B.E.A.T. in the role of  Nathan Lane.

… so ‘Kay, wanna be Mujer Policía, on the key of Mí? Eye says, Let’s Fuck partisan politics, eh‽  Together, waddaya say? Let’s make of, IT! a Vice.

Eye will make you appreciate The Pill

Eye will make you appreciate The Pill .::. 50DA07F3-BD43-4FE3-B8E0-22676C86DBFD 🎈 Although, FOXIEKay, Eye has to come clean beforeBlack Spyon the MSNBCs spills the beans, Eye rather —and much— prefers: Scooby Doo Rule 34, Volumes 18 through 23.

Check, IT! Out, ’Kay,
we’ll do, IT!
Like –a– the Napolitain do…

Anyhow Kayleigh McEnany, Eye is out of Thyme, but NEVER! Never–ever–ever! Out of Dangling Participles for the good Pundits at (or on) DEADLINE!!!

Previously on, Sneaky Tart

All in on TRMS

All in on TRMS … now Miss(y) Kayleigh, the LAST THING that we [the staff] want your pretty little Harvard title to think, is that we are making this up as we go. far from it, Toots, some might call IT, a template, others a TROPE, but to tell you the truth, we are just catching up to May3 and the events that are OBSERVED on that day; por ejemplo, mamacita, May the Third is International SUN day (and what better medicine for CORRUPTION than SunLight, eh?), aussi, Honey Pie, El Tres de Mayo is WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY. So D.A.R.E. is D.A.T.

The point is, ‘Kay, you can either cross to my Island or Eye can manifest on yours and get cited by the LAPD for practicing “Lewd Behavior” as if you were a regular tart called MAGDA (🎞) from a gas station in Hollywoodland.


Heck, ‘Kay, … there’s a template for D.A.T., Homicide Detective, Lewis Michener (🎞) over at “the” Hamptons vía Mr. Meyer’s (Thorn Birds) Show has a bootleg copy of “the” action and how, IT! Went down.

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