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Professor Joe Butcher starts the “remote transaction” LIVE from the OLYMPATEC MEDITATION INSTITUTE… a known Front for the C–450 Showerhead trafficking Syndicate.

Words to Live By

LICENSE TO ILL .::. 9B2013C5-A441-4EDE-9D19-67A32FA6607C 🎟 Words to live by… “i’m Popeye the sailor man.” … Brothers and Sisters, or the other way around, it really doesn’t matter, “Come As You Are”, do you motherfuckers really think that it is possible to have a relationship (A R.E.A.L. relationship, anyhow) with God if you talk to HER with a flat-ass hairdo? C’mon now‽ One must have the Volume to get HER to listen to you… and as Brother Copeland preaches, a Nice, King LEAR Jet helps a lot.

The Sanchez cartel contacts superstar televangelist conman Kenneth Copeland to triangulate a closed-circuit “gift rally” between Professor Joe Butcher, The front-man; Dermont Hoggins, the Kingpin; and, Doña GaGa, the influencer. The ping-pong racket “is a put on” from the old time TELEPHONE “TITHINGS” and adapt the “fundraising” with a known fip radio (a French radio station) phanatic BILLIONAIRE’S technology which 21st Century followers call “the twitter”… or something like d.A.T.

… Note to Willie Geist: Don’t you forget, Willie Geist, that Senator Kennedy is part of that alumni where you Sir, hail from. “V” is for Vander VhAT? D.A.T. is you know–Tune In but it’s Alright, D.A.T. is Eye Thinks that Oxford “U” can’t remember a Southern “drawl” ever roaming the halls of the House that the Black Adder built.

CoM-own Nahw!

CoM-owN Naohw! Everybody, Let’s Ketch-up with Florida, CoM-owN Naohw .::. F8552939-0E28-4277-B3D1-D91EED5A5817 🐀🤑 Y’all know that $18.5 million dollars is a drop in the bucket for the DeVos family, heck, little Erick (BLACKWATER MERCENARY INC. CEO) can fit that in half a-Wheel–Barrow from the 2003 Saddam Hussain Easter Egg Hunt! CoM-owN Naohw! 🎶 Send Me Money-Send Me Green—Heaven You Will Meet•Send your contribution and you’ll get the better seat!

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, where nothing is real (it’s nothing but numbers) and nothing to get bummed–out about, the pork holocaust industry scores one for the Sioux, and if looks could kill, South Dakota would re-elect the governor of that state WHO ignores the “City Slickers” only malady.

Over at the Voice of America, Americans discover food banks, and the Only thing One has To Fear (for those in NEED) is D.A.T. One has no wheels, because if ONE needs to get in line (then those in need) better ARRIVE IN A CAR, because you know, it’s the way HENRY FORD would have wanted it. Also, Garret Haike just got ran over by the “tail” of a wide load “trunk”.

R.I.P. Garrett Haike

R.I.P. Garrett Haike, W.H.O. got run–over by a speeding truck… license plate from South Dakota and witnesses at the scene describe a “Snow Queen” at the wheel [3], W.H.O. sources with a privileged view (probably from the inside of an automobile) claim that the wide load truck driver was flipping the bird at a Speed Radar [89].

Source: Wikipedia…

[3] Jeff Bahr (February 3, 2011). “Snow Queen title meant opportunity for Noem”. Aberdeen News. Archived from the original on March 29, 2012. Retrieved September 10,2011.

[89] Woster, Kevin (September 5, 2010). “Noem apologizes for traffic citations”. Rapid City Journal. Retrieved September 6, 2010.

Must Show Work: https ://jamesbond .fandom .com/wiki /Joe_Butcher

In Memoriam

Garrett got ran over by a Rental
reporting from The Dallas Fair Grounds gate
You can say there’s no such thing
as rackets,
but the truck was full of shower heads

.::. 56BEDE01-CAEC-4E23-BFCC-851FE8A061FC 🦌Indeed, another news reporter struck down by the GaGa Showerhead Syndicate, witnesses at the scene claim that a flock of local hoodlums known as “Jerry’s Kids” cleared the alley behind the Dallas State Fair Grounds before a posse of Texas Rangers arrived to write the police report. Oh, the humanity. AUSSI, Purple Pundit, please inform Sean Penn in El Ey, that The TimeStamp on this epithet is in Hawaii Standard Time, which happens to be on the opposite side of the Central Nato Times Sun DIAL

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