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El zopilote pasa .::. FD5AAF0D-694C-4825-996D-C893E2001DAE 🗺⚰️

A Brief history of The United States Navy in the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad, and yes, Sparrow’s dad likes big butts and he cannot lie.

— Now this might seem ironic, but the U.S Navy was born out of a need to defend against the Tripoli Pirates in the late 18th Century and here öüï is, in the 21st Century not only acting but behaving and engaging like pandemic profiteering pirates, hijacking medical supplies from U.S. allies and, acting like complete savages with the people of Cuba.

https ://www .ctvnews .ca /health /coronavirus /cuba-u-s-embargo-blocks-coronavirus-aid-shipment-from-asia-1.4881479


En el ruedo

🎵 Marchando una de piratas…
Larga vida y gloria eterna.
Para hincarles de rodillas
Hay que cortarles las piernas.

Joan Manuel Serrat

[Right now, 16h in CET, it’s Siesta Time… please check listings]

… [Yawn]

EPA* honcho

As an EPA* honcho, Thomas Moldy… Modly was an inspiration to former Texas governor Rick Perry before taking the reigns of Donald John Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s 4 O’clock in New York and not that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] wish to listen to what the entire news business (including FOX) industry call, “The daily Donald Trump word salad complement in the U.S., to the Mexican huevos rancheros breakfast briefing of López Obrador”, but the motherfucker, (o sea Donald John Trump) can’t even be punctual to his own fucking Sporths Authority fantasy show. In any case, we now return to, A Brief History of The U.S. Navy.

Cast of characters:

Pedos tristes y Soplados blandos

Pedos tristes y soplados blandos .::. B92D8A72-5A8A-4DA2-AF1A-F1419AD4CED8 🌫 For the Castilian speaking market Sean Hannity is, PEDOS TRISTES and Jesse Watters is SOPLADOS BLANDOS. “—LET IT RIP!.

Thomas Jefferson is portrayed by “The Red Rocker”, Sammy Hagar.

Una de piratas

Por un quitame esas pajas te pasan por la quilla.
Pero en el fondo son unos sentimentales
Que se graban en la piel
A la reina del burdel
Y se la llevan puesta a recorrer los mares.
… “Una de piratas”.

• The Acting Secretary of The United States Navy, the honorable Thomas Moldy… Modly is represented by Walter Peck (William Atherton), a pompous EPA delegate in New York City c. 1984.

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