And at Nicolle’s Basement — Still to come, The Hawaiian Pistoleros


Thank God!

Nicolle goes Commando on deadline .::. CD650A12-600A-4B34-97EC-AFC6D80FCF0B 🚿

The Nicolle’s husband household scored a Commando 450 from “the” USPS!!! Yeah. Meanwhile in Washington, the lack of preparedness from the Donald John Trump administration is now turning the American Image of “exceptionalism” into a GOODFELLAS scene at La Guardia Airport, in SHYNA! IN SHYNA!!!

Capitalismo Salvaje 101

Capitalismo Salvaje 101 .::. E5D4B0EC-A5CC-49D8-B4B7-D801EC7BF31F 🦆 Stop lying, Mr. Trump. Stop saying that, “the free market is a wonderful thing.”

Wet market, free market, heck any unregulated market, it is just bull puckey… Dear, AFP: nice prop that the AP sold you there.

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii is the 22 hundred hour of the They and according to sources close to them Hello Goodbye’s, D.a.R.e. are more Clouds than Sun for the Day ahead, but D.A.T.’s ok because, “Survey Says”:

Indeed, hombre

Indeed hombre! BEACHHHHHH! .::. 53B99917-D8DA-4741-88FB-14BECD3F7473 🏇🏼“Sombras nada mas”. •

Jack Nicholson is a fag, dijo “El Guasón”. 

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