Previously on “el” Monoaureo me la pela — Don’t need money, don’t need fame

Nope, it’s not the Mediterranean Orbit, but That Old Lucky Sun trajectory is lining nicely along them there tejas (dit toit, en Francés de kinder) del lugar donde ajusticiaron a María Antonieta.

Hey, John Meachum...

Hey, John Meachum .::. 84F5C4AF-3856-4080-91A0-1A82394CBC32 ⚖️ Thomas Paine says, hellooooooooo! In the Queen of England’s Monty Python voice.

En parís son las 6 de la tarde y todo está sereno por abajo de los ojo de un tal Perrault (1628-1703), y no, esta entrada no trata sobre los monitos del monoaureo (an archive of political cartoons), sino mas bien de lo que el texto del pasado domingo reveló sobre el llamado “derecho de autor”, y específicamente en las cosas que van marcando la historia; de antemano, don Calderón, una cosa es piratear con fines de lucro, y otra cosa es ser corsario sin tratar de lucrar… so, for the record, –and without “word ads”, yet— here’s another edition of:

Manon does have a nice view

Manon does have a nice view .::. 5241F4F5-7514-4A49-A871-CB861E918570 ⬇️ Considering.

Adventures in Transliteration, with your host, Marty Seamus McFly.

… [F]or the record, Purple pundit, the stream transmissions are full of holes, patchy at best; notwithstanding, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] did happen to catch your exchange with your fellow homeschooler, kinder Senator from the Great State of New York, Kristen Gillibrand and, we kindly remind both of you “ homeschoolers” that perhaps you misinterpreted our MONDÉTOUR Vanna White, Wheel Of Fortune®️ sopa de letras on the wall. AUSSI, öüï would like to remind all those involved in not reading this (aforementioned) blog, that although it is Thursday morning now in the whole of the 49 states and, let’s not forget PR and them Virgin Eye’s, in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Wednesday night and is NINE o’Clock.

Like Eye, not IKE said

Like Eye, not IKE said .::. 4D259D2D-DAE3-4F8D-BDCC-166D8E8083D1 🏄🏼‍♂️ “El” monoaureo y don Calderón me la pelan. 🗣 As for you, kinder Senator from the Great State of New York, meet me on Nina’s Central Europe Thursday Time.

… [D]on’t need no Credit Card to ride this train (from Delaware), however you will still have to cover the cost for the CONCIERGE service that The REPUBLICANS are pitching to Corporate America (again) in that D.A.R.E. bail–out of the First of several 21st century PESTES.

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