Thank you dear Lord Jesus! — KARMA Police… NAMASte

And like a good neighbor, the following “little prayer” must be preached in the voice of Underground Minister*, Joseph Charles Scarborough… “[B]ecause, Browsers and SIESTAS there is no such thing as a Free Lunch”, in a  Chuck Todd NATION under God, Capitalism and, The Almighty Fed.

At 10h30 in France Info, it's time for "The Anchorwoman with the Sun in her Head”... AKAPE DELIVERED!

* Cousin Joe has yet to obtain his mail–order, correspondence Ministry G.E.D. certification from the Grits State of Alabama, hence, D.A.T.  D.A.R.E.  madafaker remains an “Underground Preacher” in his Blind Boy Alabama Choir Chapel (on the prairie).

Seriously, thank you for the recent global pandemic, and we hate to be selfish, cynical, and heartless (like our american president and Moscow Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate). Seriously.

Thank you for that little silent threat because for the first time since the Kennedy–Nixon debate, the american Circus will have a mono–A-mono debate without an audience.

For one thing, SIESTA Jordan (over at the MorJo Show, Katy Kay just flew from Zurich into Dallas and she just confirmed that Donald Trump is talking out of his ass with regards to the BIG DISTRACTION ban and CORONA VIRUS SCREENING on European flights into them United States; but then again, Kay is a Royal Rosbif, so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T.) if by your own Friday The 13th of 2020 reasoning on the MorJo Show, Americans need a little WRASLIN’ bru-ha-ha with their political choices, like pre-Ketchup turn–of–the—XIX Century Americans needed CHINESE CATSUP for in order to BE ABLE TO SWALLOW their rotten “beef”, then SIESTA Jordan, America deserves another FOUR MORE years (and beyond) of Donald “theJohn Trump.


Heaven .:. B8BDE1A3-39A9-43F0-820A-CA9E748E7B04 🛂 My Blue Heaven 🚮 For the record Cousin Joe Scarborough, WE (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto) are not, ÖÜÏ Repeat, sir: We are not “betting” against the United States of America, what we are saying is F.U.C.K. Warren Buffet and his stimulus injection to the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. Did Wall Street and the banks, Capitalist JOE, ever paid that motherfucking bail–out back into the people of the Unites States of America, anyway‽

Because by SIESTA’s Elise logic, BROWSER Geist, what the Bernie Team really, really, really needs in order for Senator Sanders to become the next president of the U.S. is for things to get back to candidate Bernie Sanders pre–Selma, Alabama (popularity) days.

— Noted.

SIESTA Jordan suggests, however, that without the concert-style political stumps, his supporters won’t have the attention span to follow–up on the talk that they walked at a political rally.

— Eye suggests, Browser Geist, D.A.T. maybe this virus contingency going on around The Globe is the perfect storm to break from what the staff of this here most non–consequential blog identified as the “event“ that brought you that thing you do… no wait, that lead is in Australia, and Australia is the Enemy, SO SCRATCH D.A.T., the event we [the staff] meant to note was the BREXIT… but FO’ist: HEY, SIREN!!! Who you callin’ ROUSPÉTEUR, eh‽

Bernie, please don’t forget to hidrate your eyes and let’s hope that Joe forgets his make-up.

2666 — La parte de los críticos

2666La parte de los críticos; página 21, LIZ NORTON .:. 348D9B5E-8C0B-4BC3-BCBB-68B14912A6D0 ⚙️ “The expression «arrive to an end», as applied to something personal, seemed to her like a loaded mean-spirited con. To «achieve an end» meant stepping on the word «to live» and on rare occasions on the word «happiness»”Liz Norton’s will made it easier for her to stop smoking than to head out to war. By this standard you would have had to have had Keith Richard’s testimony about tobacco and heroine, as prior Knowledge, —pues.


— ISSY, SIESTA Jordan, you might recall this most non–consequential posting of ours for the occasion of “mud fest” at the Glastonbury Music Fest of 2016, Aeons Ago, and lightyears away (now in reeltime) to that most unfortunate «event» we here tagged as, “ Hamburgers in Paradise”. In between these two timestamps you might recall that by the time that July 2016 flipped on them calendars, Senator Sanders ceded the track to Senator Clinton.

Now and again, Browser Geist, our point to SIESTA Jordan, Ella for short in Jazz’speak, which we [the staff] perform here and fuck–all–WHO say that D.A.T. is not a thing!

Lo que el petróleo nos quito

“Lo que el petróleo nos quitó, gracias a Quito, sucursal de Exxon, Chevron, y de pequeños empresarios”, dijo Nemo, en Manhattan, Nueva York. .:. Of course, it’s not the fault of either of the TWO Babylons featured in NEMO’s frame, by the time that RONALD REAGAN got shot in the 1980’s, every American was well on his/her/other güey of OBTAINING their MTV… Sinfonía en SOL menor, al ritmo de El Manicero, follows.

Back in 2005 i was scorned for wanting to write about a very particular fad in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, i called it “narco fashion”, now the reason that my editor at the “supplementals” of the El Paso Times made me feel all alone, —some might say— was because i was not allowed to come up with words that someone, preferably a WHITE writer had not come up with before. The conversation went like so:

—”Narco fashion‽”, Who said it?
— I did, Chuy.
— Nah, you can’t make up words like that.
— C’mon Chuy, you’ve seen them, it’s not the “norteño” look; EYE MEAN, those motherfuckers could pull the boogers out of their noses with them pointy boots! EYE MEAN the way them croc’s (not the rubber sandals, but the crocodile skin boots) curve up to the sky, and them shirts and belts? Nobody is writing about that.
— Find someone who described that word before and you can use it.
a few months later*, a French DJ produced a Video for one of his tracks; it featured that look, which at the time, was taboo at El Paso Times. Can you guess what that social phenomena was? I would call it NARCO VIOLENCE, but first i’d have to look for a French source who said it FOist in order to publish it here… no se vaya a “enfadar” el pinche Chuy. ISSY, esto es una mini digressión.

Any güey, Browser Geist, maybe without large concert type events doubling as political rallys, which might overstimulate the already overstimulated under-30 crowd and prevent them fuckers from actually doing a thing which doesn’t involve a “wrist band” and a “VIP” section, the missing “young voters” might get motivated to go out and vote in the coming days; of course, it’s going to take looking into the near future and realize what life is going to look like after November the 3rd of 2020.


Thank you, Aussi, DEAR JESUS LORD, for allowing, through a very local –not foreign– virus, the EVIDENCE OF A vulnerable AMERICAN medical system that is not GEARED to call itself “the best” medical system in the globe.

Servilletas servez-vous

Servilletas servez-vous S.V.P.!!! .:. EEC2FEB9-F5C9-4CF3-8BD8-CC4645414124 🦠🕳⚙️

Good night and good luck.

The Event that brought you Brexit:

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