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What are the chances?

The story of a Muse that swelled from the bottom of El Sena para decir, Hi. How are You?



Against all Evians

Against all Odds, team Evian said, them there are some impressive boot–shaped stilettos .:. 903BB337-13BA-49EF-9863-BFDC790F4F30 🧜🏼‍♀️ Being a siren, she let out a wail, things sounded favorable, it was a low wail not the shrieking howl of other Sirenas that numbed the ears. Compared to them other aullidos de La Llorona gang, this here “Hi” was set to the right decibles but because the Evian Team had it’s its purity test washed through the milky tripes of Baby Lambs and, had seen a few dangerous curves along the way, Team Evian kept a safe distance from the overran rail guards by of La Seine. 🦵🏻“Come here,“ said the muse. Team Evian responds, öüï just dried our SOLEs and our feet are dry, “Why don’t you  come over here, and make Mí feel alright?”… and the muse went, “Eye thinks that the Light is better right here by the rails, join me.” Team Evian suggests neutral ground and asks for a number ☎️ And the Siren went: Silly Waterboy, it’s: 01 Cinco-Cinco-Cinco-Cinco-n-don. 🙈 “My Lorde!!!” Went Team Evian in unison, that’s the same Number Of TEAM PERRIER!


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