And in Washington Katy Tur quarantined Nicolle

It’s not Fair, Dr. Joe! It is just not Fair, sure öüï understand that our Favorite pundit north of Mika and South of Rachel is an aging risk that swims in a swamp of eight–year old coodies, but to send the highest-pitch pundit on the peacock payroll to the deadly diseased “little girls” room is just wrong! Wrong, Phil Griffin.

In Local News (fallout)

The best germs in the World

The best germs in the World .:. F5518DA2-7713-4A4F-A756-778F225B88DE —•— Across The Atlantic… Michigan is feeling the aftershocks from the Pseudo (not fake) Gospel at the Brown AMA Church, “the” Biden is rising like a Kenneth Anger fantasy film.

Meanwhile in ROMA, la Quarantaine à la £’Italianne is spreading faster than the Empire did the first time around. The strategy of the César is to shut–down the entire boot–shaped stiletto and prevent the refugie catastrophe that Erdogan unleashed on them Greeks. A win–win situation for both sides of the politika à la chichi l’ianne.

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