“One more time”… in the voice of Count Basie

And in Washington:

It’s time for an Encore Edition of
DIPLOMACY with the Tumbling
Tumbling Weeds…

The "Good" is overrated

The “Good” is overrated .:. D83C6C77-0102-46C1-9CBB-7DD17451134C –_•!•_– And you should forget about the Ugly; Eye reckons that he’s nothing but a Beast on a daily politics site.

Now, That’s Entertainment!
Better than any POLARizing
news-byte from the Bush Two

… [O]f course, DOÑA CARMEN LIRA DE SAADE, para que el doctor Cueli, (D.D.S.), pueda hilvanar esta historieta sería necesario repasar la respuesta de Nicolle Wallace (Deadline Washington 02/01/2020) al párrafo n° 22/23 de su ensayo ¿quienes somos?, en cuanto al “estilo lamentablemente inconfundible“, diría Jorge Saldaña, sobre el asunto de la Segunda Guerra de Irak, y de la manera cómo el hijo de Bush gobernó bajo la consigna y la “charola*” del n°43 en  La Casa Blanca.

* Charola = Stinkin’ BADges

"Up yours nigger"

“In 25 years you’ll be able to shake their hands” –The Cisco Kid .:. C87764AF-685F-4A09-894B-00E7CBCB79DD •|• Happening right now, one of the two Castros is getting ready to de-brief  the C.H.O.I.R. on The Rachel Maddow Cult. Peter Falk,  stars in the role of Columbo, who of all things, “hold[s] this thread” as he [Castro] walks away.”… Musical guest: Weezer.

… This has been,
With Steve Kornacki

On the T.E.S.T.:

Persian Made-guy taken out

Persian Made-guy taken out .:. EFADBE86-2292-4C69-AF0D-B1FBF82A5594 •|•

— Remember that the purpose of every fund-raised cent is spendability that dough is SUPPOSED to be Spent. In these section, the student must Ela•Bor•Ate who, and/or what entities receive that money spent. Extra point if the student explains how that money trickles down to the broadcasters.

AMERICA: “What a country!”

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