Previously on, “Them” periods on V.E.G.A.

This segment is an Inter•france•mission…
[À] raison d’une appelle a La Grève en Radio Sq.:

Little Nicky is a fucking Bill Maher fan

Little Nicky is a fucking Bill Maher fan .:. EF279E32-D1EC-4C2D-BDFF-99AB336B98C3 •|• Still to come, Sarah Beck’s Car takes the best voice in French Radio, Susana Puveda, to the Movies… and did ÖÜï mention that Hoy no Hubo Jazz?

Hoy no hubo Jazz…
sponsored by Vania®️
Musical guest: Adam Sandler

So, dear non-readers (of this most non-consequential blog) we Catch–up with Gonzalo –monero– Rocha* en La Jornada, del centro.


Este diablo no es del equipo

Este diablo no es del equipo … Scratch that, pinche Rocha, ¡Hijo de La Gran Chingada! Por favor, te suplico que dejes de convertir en “diablillos” a todas y todos los monstruos —anteriormente— protegidos por el Vaticano, y por “santos” como el Paisano (tepehuán) Norberto Rivera (padrote de Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe en París, Francia…) en París, Texas son “Evangelistas” so that Chamuco is on another saco. •|• MARCIAL MACIEL IS IN HEAVEN, where he belongs. A–MEN, punto y aparte

Scène 33, when The Devil said, “Bitch, please!” Hades had promised a Nativity in Black, by Black Sabbath and yo’Dumb–ass delivers this outdated cliché of Morning Glory‽ Eye will have you know
D.A.T. some of the finest Humanists
and SuperStars are with Sammy Davis Jr, enjoying a ride on The Wichita snow lines, Maaaaaan!

But, you did not read it hear first, Aussi, Australia is the Enemy, and now is the time to ATTACK Stalingrad, because señor Emperador, the Snow ain’t there. Vlad the polka “boogie man” promotes the propaganda that no one can know the reasons why the Snowflakes left town. Sources close to Saint Petersburg relay that the Russian despot sent all of the Snowflakes to Siberia, where Mother Russia is melting each Crystal into a Super Mutant Snowflake, oh, the Zeppelins that will sure soon follow. God help u.s. All… Alaska was not a purchase; it was an “Indian giver’s —Follie!” Y’all.

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