HAIL SATAN! — fuck Donald Trump

Rated PG-13
Opens Wednesday December 18

Who knew

Coming up on the Scarborough network.:.B148F8B6-DA43-4465-8CB9-675502D7C3D5 •|• The take from ROME: “Los cosos de al lao por eso es que bailan”… ya son 83 primaveras*.

Starring Senator Lindsey Graham as himself, and the Attorney General of them United States, Richard Barr, as Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, and Bob Mueller as the “man no one says NO to”.

Every time Salem gets invoked

Every time Salem gets invoked… a Baphomet (complementary) statue gets its wings.

Donald Trump writes a six-page invocation letter and one those pages actually manifests on the set of the Rachel Maddow Show, hilarity ensues when…

PENNY LANE meets Mother Mairie
at Strawberry Fields

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