Intermedio… hoy no hubo jazz

It’s another F.E.S.T.E.V.U.S. Miracle!!!

Not to be outdone

Not to be outdone.:.57C7158C-D977-4428-BB29-93DCE16A3B04 •^!^• Pare de Sufrir y los “lectores” de Cartillas Morales por Becas de Estudio en el Conacyt le han otorgado un par de Alas Benditas a otra estatua de Baphomet. }—\\,,*> ISSY, cada vez que en El Mundo alguien, o algo hace referencia a los procesos en contra de Las Brujas de Salem (casi esquina con Boston) 1692/93, y/o el periodo que comprende La Santísima Inquisición Española casi esquina con el Clásico de La Corona 1478 – 1834, una estatua de Baphomet recibe su par de ALAS.

Morena —en México— acaba de invocar a Torquemada… ¡Puhta MAdRE!
La Civilización.
¡Oh, la puhta Civilización!

TimeStamp: 1950 in Central Nato Time

Dearest, Siren;

Them periods

Them periods on “V.E.G.A.” if that is their real take (Five–each) is sponsored by LA.:.FFF036B7-9850-41F2-B484-D857B73D3C46 •|• … [A]nd of course: VANIA, period

Please inform that Quentin V.E.G.A. fellow to stop placing periods between the .:. C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R.S. .:. Öüï do not appreciate it, and they will burn in Hellfest 2020 [as an opening A.C.T.] if they don’t cease those Connery’s.

T.A.N.G.O. Version follows.

0900 hours in WaWa Land — It’s time for another Edition of…

It’s I’m Peachy Thyme, with your host, former Capitol (records) Cop, Chris Matthews; now an NBC (archive room) Blotter Officer.


Dearly beloved, Öüï gather here to etcetera, etcetera, y por supuesto, puntos suspensivos.

— I’m Peachy Thyme.
— Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.

Previously on [the] Scarborough network: Penny Lane drops by en masse

We’ve seen a few drafts or T.O.O.
Jardín de Luxemburg,
Casi esquina con Saint–Sulpice
Paris, 75006

Hey, Satan... paid my dues.

Hey, Satan… paid my dues. DEER, Saint Ignatius de Los WaPos, Sir: If a Slotkin constituent does not understand her vote (that is to say, the Representative’s vote, and not the announced SENATE’s vote) to “tip” the Affirmative Vote on REMOVAL FROM OFFICE of the 45th President of the United States of America, the answer from ‘the’ Vox Populi in her district should be… if you don’t like what the Constitution says, relinquish your Sacrosanct 2nd Amendment, pack your possessions and P.C.S.* yo’ass to the Russian Federation.  <<¿-^•!•^-?» In so many words, depending on the follower and/or the mob/crowd.

* Permanent Change of Station;
a permanent move to Russia.
…[S]o  ÖÜÏ, “Let It Bee ».

Hear Mí out, Franck,
— All Öüï are sayin’, is give The Process
a chance. Call in the witnesses, listen to the facts, and then V.O.T.E. as the framers of the u.s. Constitution intended, “That is you can’t you know tune in but it’s all right, that is I think it’s not too bad,” for the Elected to do their job:

Foto de Archivo. (Peacock Images) Saint Ignatius de los WaPos .:. FBA64940-FEEB-46EF-B823-B0C684BCC6CE -_•!•_- You know, Mika, a sideways checkmark is nothing more (+) than a division sign, o una “casita” si su electorado consiste de votos en KANSAS, “that is to say,” your voters are still in KinderGarten when it comes to Civics, which they probably think that it is a Honda lawnmower manufacturer.

If it quacks like a Trump.
And it golfs like a Trump.
And it lies like a Trump.
It’s probably not fit to be President of The United States of America.

HAIL SATAN! — fuck Donald Trump

Rated PG-13
Opens Wednesday December 18

Who knew

Coming up on the Scarborough network.:.B148F8B6-DA43-4465-8CB9-675502D7C3D5 •|• The take from ROME: “Los cosos de al lao por eso es que bailan”… ya son 83 primaveras*.

Starring Senator Lindsey Graham as himself, and the Attorney General of them United States, Richard Barr, as Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, and Bob Mueller as the “man no one says NO to”.

Every time Salem gets invoked

Every time Salem gets invoked… a Baphomet (complementary) statue gets its wings.

Donald Trump writes a six-page invocation letter and one those pages actually manifests on the set of the Rachel Maddow Show, hilarity ensues when…

PENNY LANE meets Mother Mairie
at Strawberry Fields