Lost in Translation — T-MEC — NAVY OK sign

It’s one thing to transliterate, y otra cosa, MUY pero MUY DIFERENTE…

You cannot

To any “institution” that lifts an Eyebrow and puffs its chest to decry legitimacy, you (motherfuckers) lose every air of “dignity” when you add something to an original agreed-upon text (in translation). .:. 49EFC489-A49F-4A95-95CE-48116306016D •|• CONTEXT FOLLOWS

agregar algo no escrito en el T.O.*

*Original Text

Are you not entertained

“Are you not entertained” .:. 6415FCAC-754E-41D7-A9AB-A666D9B27B94 •|• https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2019/12/16/opinion/a35a1esp

… https ://www .jornada .com .mx/ultimas/politica/2019/12/16/mexico-satisfecho-con-explicacion-de-eu-sobre-agregados-seade

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