If it’s Monday… then tomorrow is SUPER Tuesday in France.

Don’t call it Fake News just because it’s orange.

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, didn’t that McConnell fellow telegraphed his sleazy operators ways when he was asked about appointing a SCOTUS in an election year‽ Why is that fucker not in cuffs yet, eh? I bet if Chris Matthews was still a Capitol cop, Chris Matthews would take it upon himself to drag that fucker to the Capitol time-out box.

Coming this summer

Coming this summer.:.C857720A-95BB-44CB-9203-9FD42C511B0B •|• The Capitol Cop, starring Eddie Murphy as Chris Matthews.

Any güey, Hallie Jackson, in Paname the clock says that it is 11 p.m. and tomorrow the entire workforce (with benefits) is going to constipate Marianne’s internal system (with benefits).

Other than that, all is quiet on the Champs–Élysées neck of the Egyptian Obelisk, next to the saddest Embassy in the “whole wide world of (national) sports”.


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