Previously on Recycled Rockets, the MorJo Show was on a loop

N° 2502 p.22 at 21h on the CSTAR casier:
Kill the Gringo.

P.4 l'œil de... Benkemoun

P.4 l’œil de… Benkemoun.:.020F9E10-27C7-4270-9D6D-E98FBD2DE2DD –^•¥•^– What, does Eye need to draw you French people a fucking picture and put text into bubbles so that you Frogs can get “with the Program(ming)?” C’mon, Man! Heck, Eye tells you what, Franck, Suzi’s still-frame better BEE  hanging next to that “Gioconda” floosy, if that’s even her real stage name; over at the Crazy Horse every swinging dick knows her as Lisa, and some even call that bimbo “Mona”.

Mean, while Willie Geist smirks at the camera, the MorJo sidekick¹ tells Mike Barnicle (a most despicable Bosstonnian for to the late Jimmy Hoffa), “see, Eye told you so.”

page 23 on the CNEWS Matin:
“They Say Spain is pretty
THOUGH I’ve never BEAN”.

Bee Cause…🎼 There are more drunks than there are ^g••d^ doctors 🎶🎶🎶

Meanwhile in the Ile of Joisy

Meanwhile in the Ile of Joisy, sheeps are having a COW, literally.:.FE3EEF5E-408E-493E-B96A-3EB42626A3C3 •|• Ugly Sweaters, “L’Image” de La “BD”: ‘nakid’ mutton pictures.

Le Saint du Jour
par Defendente Génolini

« This Daniel (fellow) was seen as a funny monk,” nos comenta el tal Génolini en su chingada columna de todos los santos en el DirectMatin of the Night Before todas las LUPES, edición 2019 en La Madeleine.

Not content with their farts

Not content with their Ozone LAyer killer farts, these bovines are stripping the SHEEPLE of their LANA.:.C2BDEDFB-8E47-4FD6-9710-9BB234A009B1 ^•!•^  And what’s WOIST is that these COWS have no taste… “[P]leased to MEAT EWE, hope you guess my name”… it’s what’s for dinner; silly Piggies, it’s written on the menu.

Sources close to Defendente de Ferrari claim that, “this Daniel (fellow) » was not the same monk who bought Jimbo his lunch”, nope. “This Daniel (fellow) » being a Syrian, and not a mongrel familiar with SPAIN was more in the lines of San Eulalio de Los Perros Bravos, Nuevo León, dicho de otra puta manera, este santo no disparaba ni en “Defendente Propia”… and if you are REGIOmontano, you’ll get it! Ajúa.


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