And in Washington… Ari Melver is a watchdog

All along the Columns, because the WatchTowers failed.

It's Todd, Chuck Todd

It’s Todd, Chuck Todd.:.717E6F20-D52E-49BA-920E-E7FE6F1C84A5 •¥• … [B]ecause Willie Geist is more Human than Human. Willie is made of Nuts & Bolts.

And in the halls of Congress, good news for The Will of the people, because that dapper Rogers fellow in the background is now getting a full Chest-Shot, as opposed to a crotch screen-grab from the peacock’s camera staff. It’s a small take for the Man, man! But a giant Frame for the process.


Moving on…

Well have you ever! The Articles of Trump’s impeachment are going to cut into TRMS, “Oh the humanity.

It's official now

It’s official now.:.4E5744FD-6C8B-43E2-9ECC-7349E6DF3819 •|•

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