National Sports Day Update

15h40… Sin Novedad.

Rêve Generale

Rêve Générale.:.09A183BE-B103-477A-B99C-5290606B57C6 •|• So, now ¥ouse “dreamers”, eh‽ _-•!•-_ First “They” took “our” feminicidios and translated these onto the “French Touch”, and now all Les Miserables are “soñadores” Aussi… “Oh, the humanity”.  Sponsored by l’Eau de París and the smell of spent polvora on the streets. [What’s next, ¡SÍ SE PUEDE!]… D.E.R. TAKING OUR GÜOURrrrds!

En République no pasa rien… it’s only a smoke screen, “and D.A.R.E.’s no Rain.”

When I’m 64

Who could ask for more

Who could ask for more, dijo el apóstol Paul and ¥€$, Paul’s broken a glass, a glass he broke.

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