Adventures en calcos and Transliteration

🎼Beefour you accuse Mì… 🎶

Well... at least there's maths

We’ll always have MATHS.:.973CF338-7E65-4733-AF87-1B0E6ED471AF •|• and Science… “Does anybody remember [science?] Laughter” track follows; because that’s the way of the 5 o’Clock “working class hero” TV dinner-eating , blue collar stiff who just got home [like the night before] to see a fast talking cattle sales-person on the Streams defending the King of Them United States.

en contexto; a play on words
does not make
1/100 OF A £
(Sterling, for remedial stu’s.)

The classics

The classics for rednecks.

If you are going to enlist, enlist mosquito wing privates, mr. Heinz: World War Zero

Estas son las golondrinas...

Estas son las golondrinas.:.B87860F9-944F-4414-B400-890E480821AE •_¥_• …[Q]ue cantaba El Rey David… hoy por ser (fill in the blank).


If i ever got an interest in ROME or Greece, it’s because of un catalán, just ask Penélope repasando las Lecciones de Urbanidad.

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