Giving Tuesday… Eight days a week

I’d like to give Nicolle some ink, and that’s muy RICO, rico, –indeed.

On tonight's menu

On tonight’s menu
–Ensalada de Zanahoria.
–Albondigas de borrego en arroz.
– Frutas.
– Yogur.
– Queso (of course).
– Café/Té.

And Mr. “commander–in–Capo”, that is only in ONE of Twenty City Halls in Paname.

Hello, Heidi…

An old adage DICTATES:
Don’t cheat on TAXES, and don’t meddle in ELECTIONS, and for “Once in a lifetime” the talking heads need to D.RI.V.E. this “wiki leak” Home.

The White House hates competition

The White House hates competition.:.CA499227-D0A4-44F6-99AA-4CC787168387 •_¥_• Especially Putin’s whore house on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In other news, this is an Inter•mission, but before we switch it over to the sheeple counters, Donnie Deutsch was going to VOTE for Kamela, from the closet, —of course.

Not your color, Nicolle

Not your color, Nicolle.:.4D382451-56C0-42C4-A72C-0764E4774474 •_¥_• Even Your backdrop is going Purple and you wear Blanco… not your color.


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