As good as it gets… Siren’s den broke rank

Play Ball

Play Ball

Happy Turkey Day, Flamby…

For the memory

Para la memoria.:.8F708ED8-2159-4D16-A9CA-01AD09BE9F05 •|• Context for Peña Nieto follows, punto y aparte

and never forget,

Chapter One

Chapter One: PARANOID!!! Feuded with my LADY, etc., etc,. etc…. For the record, the next time that a French window clerk asks Mí, “what does a Californian have to do with Mexican politics?” Remember what Joaquín Murrieta said:

de México es California, period y A VEINTE, señor Valls, A VEINTE.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar.:.73A76421-9F9F-4A95-B297-39F4F398938A •|• “You go to my head”.

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