Deer: Purple Pundit, “is it possible?”

… [A]nd in WaWa Land, Tim O’Brian was abducted by the Ancient Bloomberg, and Donnie Deutsch got his Trident today, that’s the new standard, the Navy Seal Trident pin is now worth the same as an Old Glory lapel pin on a republican party senator’s suit.

For the record, Tim O’Brian, it’s two issues that were brought up by the guy to your right, not just the T.S.A. approach on minorities in Babylon Two. The guy to your right also brought up the fact that Mayor Bloomberg also endorsed The Guantanamo gig in Cuba*; of course, that’s Taboo with the Wallace. Also, mr. voice doppelgänger of the Ancient Aliens “could it be” guy*, Mercedes Benz and Higher End Luxury vehicles don’t do “bumper stickers”, they only do “valet parking” tickets.

* …[I]f you endorsed N° 43, you endorsed the entire “you go to WAR with the Army you have, and not the Army you wish you had”.

* David H. Childress
“Likes big stone balls”,


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