Ryan Reynolds is a fag… Armando Álvarez dix it!!!

“You ought to Gknow by Gnow”

Me lo dijo, Cecily

Me lo dijo, Cecily… bee Strong, o algo así.

Deadpool Gknows the Lorde…
And ADELA, Aussi.
Silly bidder.

"And it seems such a waste of Thyme"

“And it seems such a waste of Thyme”.:.20A74A29-F34C-4196-B6D9-DF54F679C632 •|• Hey D.A.R.E. Rachel Glasses.

Musical guest:

Pizza – pizza

Pizza – pizza.:.1FFBAF51-0991-4F7E-B855-D5731070718B •|• You crazy FOX, the lying King Peacock Princesse, sang it.

It’s the CAL, Stupid. And Ché… easy on the Period jokes, that’s Vania’s gig; at The Apollo.

Sponsored by K-Y ventriloquists

Sponsored by K-Y ventriloquists.

… DEER, Lorde:

Paleface collection follows

Paleface collection follows.:.F1C64F62-36C5-4B24-8B16-8439031F6BC6 •|• Americans are So Stupid, [how Stupid?].
Americans are so Stupid that they can only Handle one Senator Nunes Russian scandal per HEARING.

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