Ladies in Gemini: The Paleface Collection

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It’s time for another edition of:
Appropos Nation

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones.:.BD5FDEDF-364C-4C93-A79E-591E4C2AE618 •|•

In Colabos with
https ://www .icareifyoulisten .com/2019/11/call-for-articles-new-series-cultural-appropriation/

In other TRIPS, Black Spy is about to predict the news that Senator Maxine Waters (D–CA) is reading right now, and yes Negrita, to Mí, all representatives are Senators.

Deer, Lorde

Deer, Lorde… Rachel Glasses WON THE WEEK.

Today Eye confirmed that everything that Eye thought Eye knew, is still WRONG. When a civil servant (John Bolton) can slide to the Bank, and the U.S. Congress cannot compel that motherfucker to stop sucking The Attorney General’s cock, “we the people” now know that not all people are created EQUAL.

In Tycoonville knew News, former Babylon Two Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is officially in the 2020 Ruhles… scratch D.A.T.; is officially changing the rules an the Media mogul just cockblocked the Democratic ticket. The New York City millionaire made no mention about the biggest threat to American “Exceptionalism”: Vladimir Putin… but he (Bloomberg) promises jobs, lots of jobs for the middle fucks; scratch D.A.T., lots of jobs for the middle–CLASS >>> The middle–class, not the middle fucks.

Question: What is the starting yearly salary for the “middle–class”?

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