No tiembles, Francia…

It’s only California and the Ring of Fire, knocking.

[A]ny güey, if only France had a fucked up Health racket like the U.S., Eye would make a killing, Jerry! It would bee Gold, Jerry. Gold!

Crépuscule aferrado

Crépuscule aferrado… mind if Eye drinks one or two beers while you suck?

Mi compadre “Pelos Tiezos” tiene razón, ora verán:

"is d.a.t. all d.a.r.e. is?"

“is d.a.t. all d.a.r.e. is?”  AMLO gets one point for houseguesting Evo. Bravo… Atte: el padre amaro

“Que bonitos son los hombres”, dijo Fco. Villa, un general, o algo así.

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