Coming up on Morning Joe: Judge Judy

…[A]nd in Washinghton, Donald Trump praises the will of the Military “brats” in Bolivia, while forgetting that the Majority of United States, —peoples— voted for Jill Stein.

Meanwhile en México

Meanwhile en México.:.1CAB4952-C780-44A4-BD08-8487412340D7 •|• Doña E. Poniatowska has a point when she asked the new arrival to La Quinta de don López Obrador., “Why do you fuckers wish to stay in Power, for what seems an Eternity (in a democracy)”, and Eye agrees, but it still does not negate the fact that What happened in La Paz, was un evidente Gol•pe de Es•ta•do.

With musical guest:
Los Pachamamas de la sierra
performing their number one hit,
“Dream a little dream”

Deer, Black Spy...

Deer, Black Spy.:.A25879C6-583F-4F7A-B191-6B3FB9D95379 •|• your delivery experts…

https ://www .reddit .com /r/ mexico/comments/duw37q/pregunta_poniatowska_a_evo_morales_por_qué/

Opening act:
Los Better Angels

The Poles are talking

The Poles are talking.:.0FF4EAE2-3155-4B60-A7CA-C973A23A285C •|• …[P]ero sí, don Monreal, ¿qué pinche rollo con ese feudo familiar en Fresnillo, Zacatecas, pues?
Dicho de otra manera, por qué eternizan el poder En Familia? ¿Quién sigue, el sobrino, cuñado—La Comadre‽

… [N]ice touch with the GARRO background D.A.R.E., mr. Mundo (redacción); who was she? Was she a pain in the butt? People who know, know B.oD.yOdor, period

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