Oh, hey Hallie Jackson… meh, “yo quiero Taco Campana”

Deer Hallie:

Yo quiero Jingle Bells

Yo quiero Jingle Bells… in Latin Jazz.:.Only on Matthew McConaughey’s, X-mas Latin Jazz Special for rednecks.

Sorry, we missed you on the Chuck Todd premium edition of his weekdays show, öüï were busy musing with “La Niña Blanca”… nice nails by–the–way, they go swell with the dark dress, anygüey, please relay to St. Ignatius at el WaPo, that maybe, —if only Donnie Deutsch could come up with latin “jingles” for Matthew McConaughey and his stupid gas guzzling commercials— then maybe, “the” middle America (sin acento) crowd could eat up quid pro quo, like they did with “hasta la vista, baby”… and that “zinger” was fed to them with a thick Austrian accent. Think about it, and [then] talk it over with the Rhules.


Whatever you do, don’t depend on Ugly Mexicans like Sam Stein to ask other people for “badges” or “credentials”, or “passports”, because your Daily Beasts just have no reason, without a cheat sheet for the president’s lawyer.

In other news, Bernie Sanders welcomes a money bag into the presidential race.

In fashion news, KcDc grew a beard, sort-of.


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