It’s Gold, Jerry—GOLD!!!

… [Y] ni siquiera hablamos japonés!

¡Arriba La China!!!

¡Arriba La China… poblana! — Y que chingue a su madre Tim 🍏 y “Winnie” the Pooh.

Taka–taka, sí [lo masticamos] pero japonés, nada mas cuando comemos cacahuates.

Ladies in Gemini...

Ladies in Gemini, we regret to inform our non–readers that the Chinese government is censoring our frames. The Media gulag is nippin’ the top and bottom of our non-consequential screen–grabs and sending them SIRENES [on the “A TRAIN” no less] to Tijuana when every self respecting Chinese gourmand knows that it is in Mexicali, where the real Chinese are all at!

Y no insistas, Comadre Letty, My General Tso‘s chicken noodle belongs to Suzi… even if her tocadiscos está rayado: Eye am so in LOVE with you… bring back Obama, even if he hires Mr. Holder, again.

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