Inter•ference — Deer, Lorne Michaels

… [T]echnical and programmed obsolescence is causing disturbances on La Corrida del fin de semana, with musical guest:
Tim “apple’s” lightning cables are a criminal racket.

Freddy Cats, reloaded

Freddy Cats, reloaded.

After the break,
“Las estúpidas calaveritas”
Montreuil, 93100

Next week’s guest, Lorne Michels repeats his capitalist strategy of “redundancy” at the set, by sketching—yet again— a Host/Musical guest STYLE’s show.

French artists are fags

French artists are fags.:.0FE749EC-9F57-4F04-8881-F13ECA1F7562, period

In future news, for Season 46 of Saturday Night (Re-runs), our Lorde Lorne plans to do away with the whole “guest” headache and the little fucker is just going to put an apple®️ playlist on loop to entertain the sponsors.


French « snooty » artists

French « snooty* » artists, are fags.:.7395A5E4-2449-4E4B-8B83-3488A0CEF5D3 •|• Por ejemplo, Raquelito, Manyak, and SEYB from the 93100 el la Île–de–France are stand-up fellows. Dicho de otra manera, institutionalized and glorified artists at the service of embassies and/or their Foreign Service “cultural outreach” operatives, are by South Park definition, fags… regardless if they suck a big and/or little Cock or, not.




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