Right about Gnow, Slim Boy fat reminds California why Santa Anna sucks

Santa Anna, López A., sucks because
like the Wind and López Obrador
Santa Anna:

Paramount Pictures presents

Paramount Pictures presents: last week today; Robert Evans 1930 – 2019… will Henry Kissinger bee Attending the services to the former Pant–Suit salesman?!? Let’s find out from the Bpi’s copy of The New York Times (international edition), on the eve of Halloween, with Musical guest: FLEAs on a Full–six column page 13. •_!_• A Willie Geist — Mafia’s Umpire Empire production. Pinstripe pundits have no reason.

Here’s an impression cut from a Supercut in Houston, it became Gknown as the SLAP in the face of Donnie Deutsch:

God bless the U.S.A.

God bless the U.S.A.:. Playbol!!! — Evil Empire umpires have NO reason, period; New York snatched 3 potential RUNS FROM THE BOARD.

Still to come, new News and Polish Jokes with team purple‘s own, Heidi Pryzibila, it’s a Curva of a pitch!

Uso justo de todos los Doolittle's

Uso justo de todos los Doolittle’s en Houston, y de todos los Odilones (Rendon) en Washington… playball!

… but with a little luck, StateFarm
at The White House won’t hold back on the Aid and the Cable news won’t be stingy on the pixelated split screen.

Kate McKinnon starts as BB queen

Kate McKinnon starts the SKETCH as BB queen.:.0A5F60B0-CBFA-4E70-B193-FA3BA18C4769

… mean, while fox news commentator, Laura Ingraham role plays the role of Donald Trump’s audition into the Executive branch of the United Mercenary States of Trump Tower[s], the Grapes of Wrath transform into the California Raisins, overnight.

"Some generals"

“Some generals just didn’t have what it takes,” Laura Ingraham in the role of a young Donald Trump (right wing’s) wet dream.

… mike barnicle, reports; but FOist, after the top of the hour at Saint–Sulpice, la rue Palatine (of Purple mañana fame) hosts un Garçon Chiffon contre Les False Cognates in yet, another edition of Adventures in Translation & Interpretation with your host, our favorite faux ami, Benita Mousseline in the role of Dr. Laura Ingraham.

It's for reference

Let’s not forget that this here, this here blog is not “La Dolce Vida”; this here is nothing more than a most INTRASCENDENTE borrador de otro borrador y así en succession de petits épisodes, con todo y PUNTOS Suspensivos.

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