Nicolle Wallace gets a get out of detention pass

Bitch slap to N.Y.

Bitch slap to N.Y. — Back to Ewe, Donnie Deutsh.

Have’at it, SLAP Donnie, please, anyone!

It was the top of La Quinta

It was the top of La Quinta, now is the middle of the Sixth… 0h three twenties in CET.

Coming up, en Relevos Australianos:

Team Laura Ingraham


Team Purple

for the “Chicken Shit” series World Championship of the Potomac water güeys, on Deadline, —of course.

Rules, rules, Rhules

Rules, rules, Rhules… BOTTOM OF THE 9th

Forget New York, Runner is was SAFE!!!
and Fuck the commissioner.
WaWa land 5
Lost in Space 3

Ump's have no reason

Ump’s have no reason at the TOP of THE 7th… and WaWa’s Skipper goes to the Visiting Clubhouse to check on the Champaña para déspues de la Campaña… EYE loves this game, period

No lump–sum of Cash [Price and/or Prince], except for the opportunity to have Donnie Deutsch call the loser, “you fight like Donald Trump, you Chicken Shit!”, and then of course, someone, anyone SLAPs Donnie.

21h45 CET

point for “the” Wallace, Laura has Chicken poo poo on her head.

… and F.U.U.K., öüï’ve just realized that the staff is going to have to watch a segment of Fucking Laura “money bags for tits”.

And then Donald Trump says, “I’m Turkey shit”.

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